BEACON Guides for hill-walkers and climbers

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Mountain Guide-Map key Features

       Designed to be the ideal all-weather “on the hill” map & guide for UK hill-walkers & climbers

       Fully encapsulated (laminated) - weatherproof and tough - no bulky map case required

       The ideal GPS compatible mountain map for GPS / GPS enabled Smartphone users

       At around 17 grams, much lighter than a conventional map

       1:25,000 scale, award winning ultra-clear HARVEY Superwalker mapping

       Special enhanced map details for walkers - less potentially confusing boundary information

       Well used mountain paths are shown differently to rarely used routes to avoid confusion

       Guide on reverse of map gives clear route finding information with numbered GPS waypoints

       The mountain challenge sets have the recommended routes highlighted on the maps

       Revised at least twice a year - probably the most up-to-date map & guide available

       Carefully researched National Grid GPS waypoints defined to 10 metres (8 figures)

       Local magnetic north information from the British Geomagnetic Survey - updated yearly

       Compact - can easily be carried in a jacket pocket ready for immediate use when required

       Important safety information & useful phone numbers including mountain weather forecasts

       Cost less than ordinary laminated or folded paper maps

To read more details about what's in the mountain guide-maps visit contents.