BEACON Mountain Guide-Maps for hill-walkers and climbers

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What's special about a Beacon mountain guide-map?
  • A specially prepared 1:25,000 scale A4 sized map of the route or routes based on the award winning  HARVEY Superwalker Maps as used by many mountain rescue teams.  HARVEY also produce the popular British Mountaineering Council Mountain Maps.

  • The map covers the main route(s) on the mountain and all the relevant access points.

  • The maps are specially designed for hill walkers and are very good at showing what is actually on the ground and useful to walkers.  Potentially confusing detail that is not relevant when finding your way is not shown.  This is a real advantage to mountain walkers who don't know the area well.

  • The well used mountain paths are clearly shown - other paths that are not so obvious on the ground (including rarely used public rights of way) are shown differently to avoid confusion.

  • Contour lines change from brown to blue-grey where the ground becomes steep and rocky making it easer to find safe routes and avoid potentially dangerous ground.

  • Clearly numbered National Grid lines shown on the map for GPS users.

  • Key information about the routes and how to find the starting point.  Any special mountain safety issues.

  • A numbered list of National Grid (GPS) waypoints on the route or routes.  These are specified to the nearest 10 metres and can be a real help in locating descent points, junctions in paths etc.  Even if GPS is not being used, these key waypoints are a great help in describing and following the routes. They take the guesswork out of locating positions on the map based on vague descriptions in a guide book.  For information on Grid References, the use of GPS, and mountain navigation in general, see the  Mountain Navigation pages.

  • Other useful information for walkers and climbers, including useful local telephone numbers.  Each guide contains the telephone number of a local "walker friendly" private taxi that can be a great help in organising the logistics of your trip, or just getting back to the car if you decide not to return directly to your starting point.  Beacon guide-map users rarely descend to the wrong point by mistake!

  • Good navigation is crucial - the Three Peaks Challenge guide-maps focus on the most relevant information.  The recommended routes are highlighted on the map and they include key GPS waypoints and other navigational information of particular importance to three peak challengers.    See also the Three Peaks page.

To buy any guide-map directly from Beacon Maps please phone or email us for a quick delivery - contact us