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Beacon Maps Railway Children 2018 Three Peaks Challenge Maps

Beacon Maps have collaborated with the event organisers to produce a special set of four guide-maps for the Railway Children Three Peaks Challenge.  The compact, ultra lightweight maps and route guides have a high quality finish which is weather resistant and durable.  They are designed for use on the mountains and are lightweight, easy to carry and read, even under difficult conditions, ideal for this event! Two complete sets of maps for the event cost 24, a useful saving on the Ordnance Survey maps.

The map scale is 1:25,000  - the table on this page gives more details. The four maps come in a handy clear PVC wallet and a special discount has been arranged for Railway Children teams (see below).

WALK- IN MAP: To supplement the Scafell Pike map we have produced a new high quality A4 map covering the "walk-in" used by Railway Children teams from Dalegarth Station to Brackenclose via Burnmoor Tarn - this now forms part of the latest RC mountain guide-map set - please phone or email.

National Three Peaks Challenge Information Packs - click here for details


Snowdon guide map

Railway Children 3 Peaks Special Map Offer:  As the organisers stipulate at least two maps per team we have a special offer of two sets of the customised Railway Children Three Peaks Challenge guide-maps 2018 for only  24 including UK pp,  single sets are 15.95.

Please phone or email and quote "Railway Children".

The guides can easily be slipped into a jacket pocket, eliminating the need for cumbersome map cases, making them ideal for Three Peaks challenge events.

They can be used with GPS receivers and give key route waypoints (8 figure Grid References) which may be entered into a GPS in advance.



The unique Railway Children event now in its 12th year uses specially organised rail travel between the mountains, minimising the environmental impact and is completed in under 36 hours.  For the latest details of the 2018 challenge and all the other challenges available see Railway Children Three Peaks - note the new website.

See our Mountain Challenges page for a brief introduction to the National Three Peaks and other famous UK mountain challenges.

Good weatherproof maps and a walker's compass, together with the knowledge of how to use them properly, are vital for tackling these mountains whatever the weather conditions.

If you have any questions about the routes up and down the mountains, preparation, training or equipment etc please don't hesitate to give us a ring.   The timings page gives typical times for a challenge attempt using road transport and will give you some idea of the time normally required to climb each mountain.

Choosing the right footwear, clothing and other equipment for the challenge is obviously important, especially as you may have to cope with a wide range of conditions.  The Equipment notes page may be of help. 

Please note that a good head torch (such as the Petzl zoom or a high power LED equivalent) is essential for the Three Peaks challenge (the Railway Children event tackles Snowdon at night) and we would also recommend a good small hand torch or similar as back-up.  See the organisers "what to bring" page for more details.

In hot weather dehydration can be a serious problem, especially because of the prolonged effort required, so it is vital to take plenty of fluids with you on the mountains and thoroughly  re-hydrate between the climbs. Again, the Equipment notes  page may be of some help.

The Railway Children event uses professional marshals on the mountains for maximum safety, but walkers should be aware that sometimes Three Peaks challenge groups can underestimate what's involved in safely navigating the mountain routes, especially in adverse weather and/or darkness. This can result in groups failing to complete their challenge, or even worse having to involve the local mountain rescue teams.  To see what some of these difficulties can be click - navigational difficulties.

The Railway Children event is very well organised - it uses experienced marshals and teams are issued with personal radios, but please don't expect to rely on well marked paths on the mountain tops. This applies especially to Scafell Pike and the summit area of Ben Nevis.

If not already confident about navigation on mountains, have a look at the Mountain Navigation page on the main site.  It is important to be competent at basic map reading, and know how to use a walker's compass properly.  If you use GPS as well as a map and compass, then used properly it is a very useful additional navigational tool, but it will not completely solve all the mountain navigation problems on its own.  Become familiar with the operation of your GPS before the event, set the grid format and reference datum correctly (see the Mountain Navigation page for details), and practice using it with a map beforehand, ideally in a mountain environment.  If possible enter the key mountain waypoints from the Beacon guide-maps into your GPS before the event.

As well as a useful navigation tool, GPS can be used as an accurate personal record of progress (date / time/ position) for your challenge which can then be downloaded to a computer as a permanent record of your achievement.  We recommend using lithium batteries in your GPS because they last much longer than conventional Alkaline cells, details are given in the Mountain Navigation page as above.

The external site links on the main Beacon web site (Main Links) contains useful info. regarding the three peaks challenge and other resources for UK mountain goers.  If you would like to see other information posted here then please let us know.

More information is given in our main Three Peaks page.

The table below lists the Three Peaks Challenge mountain guide-maps in the new Railway Children set.

See The Guides page for details of the current full range, and more details of what each guide contain.


No. 2 TP



via the Mountain Track

At 1,344m (4,409ft) Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in Great Britain.  The summit area is snow covered for much of the year.  The guide describes the Mountain Track route  used by Railway Children teams, starting from the Glen Nevis Visitor Centre.  The ultra-clear map is ideal for navigating on the "Ben".  It has a special summit area map that shows the top of the mountain in more detail, and shows the safe compass bearings to the top of the Mountain Track that are required to avoid the danger areas in poor visibility.
No. 16 TP


plus new walk-in map


A map & navigation guide to the highest mountain in England starting from the head of its deepest lake, Wastwater in Wasdale.  This guide covers the ascent of Scafell Pike from Brackenclose via Brown Tongue and Lingmell Col, which is the route used by Railway Children teams, and is the most direct route to the summit.

Teams actually start from Eskdale, having arrived at Dalegarth station on the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway.  They then walk north towards Wasdale Head over Eskdale Moor via Burnmoor Tarn.   A "walk-in" of about 4.5 miles.

A new separate walk-in map covering this route is now available and forms part of the RC mountain guide-map set.

Teams finish the climb at Brackenclose at the foot of Scafell Pike in Wasdale, where they are met by mini-buses.

Navigation problems are not uncommon on this mountain, especially in mist or poor light.  The route waypoints and notes are designed to help in navigation in poor visibility.

No. 11 TP



PYG Track from Pen-y-Pass

The guide map covers the PYG Track from Pen y Pass which is used by Railway Children teams for ascent and descent.

The car park at Pen-y-Pass is at 358 metres.  There is a National Park information point, weather forecasts, bus links and an excellent walker's Cafe, making this an ideal starting point for the climb to the highest summit in Wales.

Railway Children teams will be doing this mountain at night.

The famous PYG Track takes a higher, more rocky and scenic (in daylight) route than the lower Miner's Track for most of the way, before it eventually joins-up with the Miner's Track for the final steep climb up the zig-zag path to Bwlch Glas, which is very close to the summit.

To buy these Three Peaks guide-map sets, or other guide-maps in our range please phone or email for a fast delivery and personal service - contact us  - please don't forget to tell us if you are doing the Railway Children event.