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Site Map and Contents

       Home page - our main index and welcome page

       Contact Us / Order - how to contact us and order guide maps and other products

       Price List - a summary of all our guide-maps and related products available with prices

       The Guides - describes the range of mountain guide maps and other special products for hill-walkers available.

       National Three Peaks Challenge - an introduction to the National Three Peaks Challenge, the Yorkshire Three Peaks and other UK mountain challenges

       Three Peaks Challenge Information - information about doing the National Three Peaks Challenge and the special challenge mountain maps and guide/information packs available.

       Features - describes the key features of the Beacon mountain guide map (route map)

       Mountain Navigation - practical information about mountain navigation using a map, compass and GPS.  Deals with map reading, grid references, magnetic variation, estimating distances and even getting lost.  Has a useful section on choosing and using GPS units in the UK mountains.

       Equipment - a brief guide to equipment required for hill walking in the UK with tips on equipment selection and use.

       Route Card - a simple "flight plan" you can use to log your intended walking / climbing route

       Three Peaks Challenge times - typical timings for people completing the challenges.

       Three Peaks Challenge navigation problems - focuses on the particular mountain navigation problem areas for people undertaking the National Three Peaks Challenge.

       The Railway Children Three Peaks Challenge - information about the Railway Children Three Peaks Challenge event and the special route maps available for this event.

       Main Links - links to selected useful external sites

       Outdoor Shows - latest information about Outdoor Shows and other events of interest to outdoor enthusiasts.

       Customer's comments - comments from recent guide map users

       Stockists - retail stockists and on-line stores that stock Beacon guide-maps