Snowdon Mountain Railway Ticket Options for Walkers

The new Snowdon summit complex and station was completed in summer 2009.

Because of the limited capacity of the historic Snowdon Mountain Railway (its single track with passing places) the passenger ticket system is not particularly flexible or "walker friendly."

Return tickets are valid only for taking the same train down as used to go up on the single track line, which does not give railway users time to explore much of the mountain.  Single fares down maybe available on a stand-by basis, but this can not be relied on, so be prepared to walk down if you don't catch 'your' return train.

Consequently most walkers who want to experience the Mountain Railway will buy a single ticket up and make their own way down by whatever route they choose.

At the valley station in Llanberis walkers can buy single tickets up to the top terminal station, which normally is the summit, or it could be Clogwyn Station where they can join the Llanberis Path for the short walk to the summit.

However it appears that if the train is running all the way to the summit station then it is not possible for walkers to alight at the intermediate stations, but check when you buy your tickets.  This is a pity as it considerably reduces the scope for planning interesting walks on the mountain.

If the train is terminating at the lower Rocky Valley station it may be possible to walk alongside the railway up to Clogwyn (weather permitting) to gain the path.  High winds can make the walk from Rocky Valley hazardous because of the exposed location.